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Welcome to Recherché Jewellery

Whatever the occasion, you'll find something to suit in our stunning collection of jewellery. From diamond rings to designer charms, it's all here at Recherché Jewellery.

Im Ben Wells Director at Recherché I hope that you find what your looking for and if not we will make it for you, we are passionate about bringing Handmade and Bespoke back to Britain, Our philosophy is simple: Offer high-quality diamonds and fine jewellery at great prices. At Recherché, you'll find the education and guidance that make shopping easy and straightforward, so you'll make the best decision for you.

(I would like to say that I would not sell anything that I would not be happy to have myself.)


We cover all aspects of repairs in store from stone replacement to re-modelling of a cherished item of jewellery.

If you would like a quote then please come and see us and we will be happy to help, speak to the Jeweller himself and can give you an on the spot quote.

Wedding ring workshops

There is nothing more romantic than making each other’s wedding rings for your special day

Come to the beautiful garden of England for an Unforgettable experience with professional jewellers. You will be guided and assisted through every step of the process in a fully equipped professional jewellery workshop, which you have exclusive use of for the day. You Will leave with unique, one off wedding rings made by you to cherish forever.